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Data assurance

When you know where your data comes from and how reliable it really is, then you can be confident in your next steps, such as analysis and data-driven business actions. We help ensure that decision-makers in your organization can rely on the data with solid data assurance.


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Data governance, quality and integrity  

For most organizations, data governance is a critical concept to ensuring the availability, consistency, integrity and security of your data. Did you know that this process doesn’t have to slow down your speed to insights? We help you implement data quality measures from the design phase all the way through to insight delivery, plus protocols to ensure data integrity – all while avoiding common inefficiencies and errors.

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A buyer's guide to survey analysis and visualization software

We've pulled together our 30 years of experience helping clients adopt market research software into this helpful guide for you. Discover:

  • How to decide what type of software might be the best fit
  • The risks and benefits of adopting new market research software
  • What to look out for when you're making your selection
  • Tips on how to make the transition as smooth as possible

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Ongoing quality control: Auditing and reporting 

Streamline your quality control workflow by implementing ongoing, traffic-light reporting that helps you identify anomalies before they affect data trends. With Harmoni, you can easily combine survey data and passively-collected control measures (e.g. length per questionnaire, number of brands mentioned) – resulting in easy-to-read fieldwork quality control mechanism that helps you avoid wasted sample, saving time and money.


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The right tools for data confidence

If you are collecting, scraping and storing vast amounts of data to understand your audience, you need the right solutions to access, analyze and understand it. While traditional business intelligence tools have many strengths, they are not generally equipped with the functionality necessary to deal with the complexities of primary research data – and this is the data that will give you true consumer insights. 

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Have confidence in your data

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