Investigate market research data for multi-level analysis projects. 


Data analysis is a breeze

With our intelligent analysis tools, you can discover what's different and meaningful a whole lot faster and without the typical frustration and pain. Creating tables is as simple as dragging and dropping data sets onto axes. Easy.


Harmoni makes it easier for insights teams to collaborate on projects, investigate marketing-relevant data streams, uncover critical insights and share data stories to influence business actions. Built-in functionality lets managers share the right projects and stories with the right people, and collaborate with team members. Using just a few simple clicks, they are able  to update permissions to provide varying levels of project control to each user. In our digital-first world, bringing people together easily on projects - from wherever they may be - is more important than ever. 

Smart analysis 

Take an investigative approach to data analysis.  Instead of requesting many cross-tabs, which is a complete waste of time, the smart way is to use the power of Harmoni. Its "Discover" feature allows you to easily and quickly find the things that differentiate the groups that matter to you, uncovering what makes them unique and delivering data points that are both relevant and statistically significant. Then, Discover will also tell you which other groups are most similar and least similar.  It is so much more efficient and smart than manually generating multiple cumbersome crosstabs. 


Significance testing

Surveys are subject to sampling errors and other anomalies. Your analysis needs to be read with a margin of error, or confidence that the result you are looking at is genuinely statistically significant. Significance testing is a fundamental requirement of any system that purports to analyze survey research or sample data.

Harmoni has significance testing built in and will automatically apply the most appropriate test. The platform will calculate your data's statistical significance and easily allow you to hide data points that aren't relevant or too low to report. Now you have more time to dig into your data and discover those fascinating insights. 


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Multi-level data analysis 

The ability to layer consumer information and compare relationships between layers of data is essential when seeking a deeper understanding of consumer motivations, actions and sentiment. Surveys can include multi-level responses like this, including questions about people and events those people have been involved in, such as consumer diaries. You need to be able present that data in two levels. One level represents the respondents (people), and the other represents the events (such as consumption occasions).

Harmoni is an elegant and streamlined solution for multi-level analysis. It is easy to look at all the relationships between the characteristics of respondents (such as age, sex, income) and the characteristics of their “events” (such as when a drink was consumed, what brand was it, where was it consumed).

Text analysis

Harmoni is made for handling large, diverse data sets, and offers two text analytics services. We provide a full-text analytics service on long-form text responses and a machine coding of short-form text responses - “other (please specify)” and unprompted brand lists. 

The technology enables fast and easy detection of a hierarchy of general and specific themes in text data. It automatically captures the variety of ways in which people express the same theme in text, accounting for paraphrases, synonyms and spelling mistakes. Harmoni can then visualize that alongside other survey results for greater understanding.


Interactive crosstabs 

Go beyond static crosstabs and look at relationships between variables in different ways to validate your hypothesis. Slice and dice to filter data, view that relationship over time, or view in various visual formats, including space graphs for correspondence analysis. 


Fair share

The fair share is an expected value for a brand on a particular attribute. It considers the relative size of both (the brand and the attribute). By comparing the actual value to the fair share value, one can see whether a brand performs above or below expectations.  Fair share is beneficial for comparing big brands and small brands. Harmoni makes this comparison easy for researchers. 

Flexible percentage basing

Harmoni provides multiple choices for how you want your percentage bases to be displayed.  Depending on your analysis, choose from total sample, or qualified sample, analysis total or based on view.

Expert consulting support

When it comes to market research, we can help with most things (except the actual data collection). Perhaps you want some assistance with process optimization, sample reviews, data analysis or project management. Or maybe you need an extra pair of hands during a busy period. Whatever you need to help you get the most out of your market research investment, we would be delighted to assist—at your place or remotely from one of our offices.

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  • Tips on how to make the transition as smooth as possible

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