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Reporting and presenting market research findings - Our mindset must change!

Our Executive Director, Geoff Lowe, shares why engaging clients in the research process is critical for valuable insights.

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In the recent #NewMR “Presenting and Reporting” webinar, our Executive Director Geoff Lowe spoke on how traditional reporting can create barriers when proving the value of market research data. In a fireside chat, Geoff talked with Ray Poynter of NewMR about how we need to completely rethink how we build genuine understanding of research. 

For decades, researchers have believed that the only way to prove their value is to generate a static report for clients/stakeholders at the close of each project. Geoff is adamant that this way of doing things needs to change from the ground up. He likens the traditional process to a monologue: a researcher collects data and provides the client a static report. This one-way flow of information doesn’t fully display the data’s value or build proper audience understanding. And, it isn’t used to influence organizational actions as much as it could or should be. 

Instead, he says researchers and clients/stakeholders must engage in a two-way dialogue where both parties play an active role in the research journey. By engaging with each other early and often, all involved parties can better gain the understanding they are seeking. When clients are also immersed in the data and work together with their research partners to uncover the inherent value of the data, they will be better able to share significant findings across the company that guides action. This “from the ground up” genuine understanding truly proves the value of market research inside organizations. 

Geoff also refers to the latest NewMR Quality of Reports 2021 Study, which surveyed the market research community about several issues surrounding insights reporting. He says that instead of asking respondents what they think of market research reports, which confines answers to the status quo, we should ask a different question. He says that perhaps the study should explore how the research is disseminated around organizations and how it generates value. 

In order for clients and buyers of research to get the most out of their insights projects, they must be prepared to be part of the process. Creating a two-way, dynamic dialogue around the data will reap a tremendous reward when it comes to true understanding, in a way that can’t be found with traditional one-way reporting processes.

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