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IRI New Zealand partners with Infotools for flexible consumer insights

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Auckland, New Zealand. January 09, 2019.

Infotools, a global leader in market research analysis solutions, today announced that IRI New Zealand has adopted its cloud-based data analysis platform, Infotools Harmoni for bespoke market research. Harmoni is purpose-built for market research data and gives IRI, a leading provider of predictive analytics and insights, the speed, flexibility and efficiency needed with survey data.

Samantha Firsow, Consultant with IRI, said, "Infotools Harmoni has allowed us to deliver significant bespoke market research projects to our clients in 2018. It is very efficient and flexible – once we've loaded in the survey data we can go back and investigate it from multiple angles. Sharing those insights with our clients is easy as well, and when a new set of survey data comes in, Harmoni automatically updates it. In the future, our goal is to not only start bringing more insights to our partners, but also to strengthen our consulting services."

The IRI team needed a technology solution for specialized market research projects that would enable them to leverage survey data quickly and allow them to uncover actionable insights. By using Harmoni, IRI can explore and analyze the survey data within the platform and pull through visualizations with a few clicks of a mouse. This gives them more time to focus on strategic value-added deliverables for their clients.

"IRI is the perfect example of how Infotools Harmoni can help research agencies transform workflows and their approach to bespoke market research insights," said Terry McCarthy, Account Director with Infotools. "The IRI team has some really great ideas about how to leverage Harmoni to start expanding the services they offer in New Zealand. We're looking forward to supporting them as they develop these new ideas."

IRI is a leading provider of big data, predictive analytics and forward-looking insights that help CPG companies, OTC health care organizations, retailers, financial services and media companies grow their businesses. With the largest repository of purchase, media, social, causal, and loyalty data, all integrated on an on-demand, cloud-based technology platform, IRI helps to guide its more than 5,000 clients around the world in their efforts to remain relentlessly relevant, capture market share, connect with consumers, and deliver market-leading growth. Move your business forward with

Infotools is an award-winning software and services provider, with particular expertise in organizing, analyzing, visualizing and sharing market research data. Established in 1990, and with a presence in the US, Europe, South Africa and New Zealand, Infotools works with some of the world's best-known brands, including Coca-Cola, Orange, Samsung and Mondelēz, as well as boutique research agencies such as MDI and Quantum Market Research.

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