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Finding your "techquilibrium" in the market research industry

Guide for achieving quality, speed and cost savings in the consumer insights space by uncovering the strengths of humans and machines.

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Download our new paper, “Finding your “techquilibrium” in the market research industry.”  A term coined by Gartner, techquilibrium is defined as the right mix of traditional and digital capabilities and assets. The paper gives market researchers practical advice for balancing technology adoption with human expertise to deliver on the increased demands for speed, quality, and cost savings. 

People are turning to technology more than ever to stay connected and productive during the current pandemic. This reality will accelerate the business conversation around technology adoption and push digital transformation on a global scale.

“Finding your “techquilibrium” in the market research industry” gives you an in-depth look at how current events have accelerated the need and expectation for technology adoption. The paper provides a series of approaches that can ease the traditional challenges surrounding adopting new solutions alongside ways to better help humans do their jobs. A series of down-to-earth takeaways include questions businesses can ask themselves to guide their own path toward “techquilibrium.”

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