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We must encourage young market researchers

Our Group Service Director, Horst Feldhaeuser talks about how young market researchers are the future of the insights industry and how they can be encouraged.

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Everyone is talking about the changes that need to happen to keep our industry relevant and spark innovation. While many of these ideas and concepts center around technology implementation, I maintain that we need to focus on the humans in the equation. It is the “digital native” generations who are pushing the swift adoption of technology in every aspect of life, and it is these individuals who also spell the future of the market research space.

How do we make sure that the next generation of market researchers are nurtured, inspired, and ready to take us into the future? There are a few basic moves that we, as an industry, can begin to incorporate.

  • Create clear opportunities for meaningful acts.
  • Provide the chance for "hands-on" work.
  • Make mentoring a priority.

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