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Collaboration is key for the future of the market research industry

Our Group Services Director, Horst Feldhaeuser writes for the Insights Association about how collaboration can foster progress and innovation

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At many organizations, data coming in from various sources remain separate from important primary research and audience behavior data. This gives an incomplete picture of consumers, as data streams remain unconnected. Infotools’ Horst Feldhaeuser writes about how it doesn’t have to be like this in his latest article for the Insights Association, “Stop competing for the data crown and start collaborating.

As consumers boost their online and digital activities, brands have more and more information that can be used for decision-making. But separated from other data sources like e-commerce and sales data, geographic consumption data and more, leaders are left with “insights that have holes.” To exacerbate the problem, sometimes internal departments are competing to wear the insights crown. 

He writes that “Companies seeking greater efficiencies, cost, and time savings will need to reduce duplicative internal functions and centralize processes across departments, including bringing data and insights functionally under the same operational umbrella.” This is really the only way to gain the insights needed to give a holistic customer view. And then these connected insights must be easily shared across stakeholders. 

Companies are already using technology to do this, and do it well. In his article, Horst shares more about a project that Infotools spearheaded for the Shell Global Insights Team. Ultimately, the team was able to implement Harmoni in order to achieve their goals of more efficiently using customer insights to drive marketing actions across the business. They were able to synthesize and harmonize multiple data sources with Harmoni’s data-agnostic solution, while all working together, collaboratively, with the platform’s cloud-based, secure interface. From a reporting standpoint, Shell was able to use Harmoni to self-serve insights needs instantly, and share up-to-date online reports and dashboards across departments and teams.

Horst concludes with: “By using technology to get data out of silos across an organization, and then by sharing insights from this harmonized data far and wide, true collaboration can begin. Competing internally for the “insights crown” only harms innovation, service and progress - three goals that every company should be prioritizing.”

Want to know more about Harmoni can help you start collaborating more efficiently? Reach out today.

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