Infotools Harmoni. On demand.

We want to make it really easy for everybody to use Infotools Harmoni. So, unlike traditional market research software vendors, we charge by volume of use rather than number of seats. In fact, we don’t count seats at all. You only pay for the projects you work on in Infotools Harmoni.

We also want you to be able to share what you create - your insights, visualizations, reports, stories, and Harmoni's unique "interactive reports" (think dashboards on steroids) - because we know that being able to easily share your findings and insights is what really matters to you. So we've made it easy for you to share with everyone who is part of your project. And we don't charge you extra for the privilege.

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Need more convincing? This is what you get.

Data processing and design

  • Direct connection to any SPSS source, plus APIs to SQL and Decipher (other APIs coming soon).
  • Fast integration of multiple data sources into a common format so you can start exploring and analyzing different data sets within minutes.
  • Automated first pass processing.
  • Easy and efficient data shaping and design, including label changes and construction of new variables - made easier by the power of machine learning.

Data analysis and visualization

  • Smart analysis using easy drag-and-drop cross-tabs and graphing.
  • A selection of analysis tools that make best-practice statistical analysis as easy as clicking a button.
  • Interlinked and highly visual interactive reports - unique to Infotools Harmoni and so much more impactful than standard dashboards.

Sharing and reporting

  • Save and share stories and dashboards, including exporting to PowerPoint with data, not just images - so you can easily update your charts whenever new data is uploaded.
  • Distribution of stories, interactive reports, and visualizations to everyone who is part of your project (we don't count seats).
  • Distribution of the data itself so everyone involved in your project can get closer to the research.