Make the change.

We believe in the power of curious minds.

At Infotools it’s in our DNA to be inquisitive, to speculate, and to figure things out. As big thinkers and fearless innovators we join forces at work to make the world of research a more intelligible place. Infinite possibilities excite us, and the unfathomable intrigues us.

I enjoy working at Infotools because we're humble in how we deal with others, and we’re quick to share a laugh.

Mathew Joseph
Head of Delivery

Why we come to work.

A good day in the office? Giving our clients what they need to be the change… the change that their world of work demands.

We have curious minds and strive for the best no matter what our job title is. At Infotools we are given the head space and environment to be more curious, test out ideas, strive for better results and help our clients make a difference.

What we value.

We help clients deliver on their aspirations with a team of experts who live by these values:

  • Take charge
  • Work as one Infotools team
  • Go for awesome
  • Keep it simple
  • Be good, do good

I enjoy working at Infotools because we’re a diverse group of people who back each other in everything we do.

Daniel Christie
Operations Technical Consultant

Our surroundings are beautiful.

Our head office is set in the Auckland suburb of Takapuna in New Zealand. Work-life balance is a distinct possibility from our ocean-facing offices which are just 300 metres from the beach, and surrounded by a variety of stores and eateries.

I enjoy working at Infotools because I get the flexibility to raise my young family, while still making a valuable contribution to the world of market research.

Rachelle Chapman
Engagement Manager

Work with us.

We are always looking for great people to join our talented team, and most frequently require skills in software engineering, product management, UX/UI design, project management, data science and market research.

Although we may not currently have any positions available, you’re welcome to contact us. In the meantime, why not follow us socially.

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