Infotools COVID-19 Business Continuity  

** Updated 24 March 2020**

The health and safety of our customers and employees is our highest priority. We will not have any interruptions in our service and have taken various steps to proactively be prepared for any impact on our clients’ business. 

General business continuity plan and preparedness:

  • All of our internal servers are backed up daily and we have a contingency plan in case of emergencies with Plan.B business continuity services.
  • All our Harmoni data is cloud-based with Amazon Web Services, which provides availability and security.
  • Infotools team members are now all working remotely.
    • All teams use Office 365 for Outlook, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business to communicate with each other and our clients.
    • Most of our New Zealand-based team and all our overseas team members are working on laptops and have remote access to our servers so they can remain productive and effective from anywhere.
    • Those that work on desktops in our Auckland head office are able to remotely and securely log-in from outside (e.g. their home) to their office machine.

Specific internal actions:

  • Since early February, any Infotools employee who has been travelling overseas or who has family members who have done so has been working from home for a 14-day period. Similarly, anyone with any flu-like symptoms is working from home.
  • On 02 March, we formed a dedicated COVID-19 risk assessment group that meets at least weekly, with plans to meet more often, and by video, if required.
  • A “Managing Coronavirus in the Workplace” set of guidelines has been drafted to help our managers in their decision-making processes and guiding responses to general questions.
  • An “Employee FAQ” document is currently underway to help clarify any questions and/or concerns for our people in terms of policy, contractual, leave/vacation type questions and to provide support at an uncertain time.
  • An addendum to the current “Company Travel Policy” is about to be finalised. Any international travel is now on hold due to various travel restrictions.

Based on the above, we are prepared to ensure business continuity and minimal disruption in our communications and deliverables to our clients.