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Simple but powerful

Desktop Harmoni: you don’t need a statistician to do sophisticated analysis.

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Extend your research investment

Survey analysis software which is loved by client-side researchers because...

Desktop Harmoni is a full suite of analytics tools which are easy to use without a statistician.

It integrates with existing processes by publishing to live editable Office charts and tables.

It’s purpose-built for consumer research data so you can easily understand significance and interpret patterns in your data.

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Learn Desktop Harmoni in under 3 minutes.

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John Davis, Infotools
Desktop Harmoni lets you slice and dice on the fly and at respondent level, cutting out a third party and saving you time and money.
John Davis, Group Client Director, Infotools

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Desktop Harmoni FAQs

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Desktop Harmoni FAQs
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Desktop Harmoni Tutorials

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