Infotools Harmoni. On demand.

We want to make it really easy for everybody to use Infotools Harmoni. So, unlike traditional market research software vendors, we charge by volume of use rather than number of seats. In fact, we don’t count seats at all. And you don't pay for people who don't actually use the software. Distribute what you create to as many people as you like. You just pay for the datapoints.

What's a datapoint? It's simply a value in a data file. In a survey data set, for example, a single response to a question counts as a single datapoint. In an aggregated data set such as a spreadsheet, each non-blank cell is counted as a datapoint. Simple.

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Need more convincing? This is what you get.

Data processing and design

  • First pass automation
  • Easy and efficient data shaping and design

Data analysis and visualization

  • Full cross-tabbing functionality
  • Charting and visualization
  • Smart analysis

Sharing and reporting

  • Save and share stories and dashboards, including exporting to PowerPoint with data not just images
  • Distribution of stories, dashboards and reports to as many people as you like
  • Distribution of the data itself so clients can do their own analysis in real time