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Infotools Faster Smarter Insights

Infotools Harmoni is a cloud-based market research analysis software platform. It delivers actionable intelligence and insights quickly and consistently, helping your business be faster, smarter and better.

Delightfully easy to use.

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Infotools Harmoni lets you easily process, analyze and visualize your market research data, so you spend less time preparing data and a lot more time getting the answers you need.

Beautiful, sharable stories.

Infotools Beautiful

Bring your data sources together and transform them into beautiful, sharable stories and dashboards that let your insights shine through and help you guide smarter business decisions.

Infotools Harmoni gives us better speed, better accuracy, better ability to be able to analyze data and also to incorporate other data sets, which is really important. The end visualization of that data, be that through story boards or export to PowerPoint, is really helping us cut down the time expensive client facing staff are spending using the software.

Keith Meyrick, Managing Director
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No PhD required.

Gets better every time.

Infotools Gets Better

Infotools Harmoni learns from experience. It gets smarter the more you work with it, so you spend less time on data processing and design and more time developing greater insights.

Works with different data types.

Harmoni works with everything

Infotools Harmoni handles diverse types of data and gets them to play nicely together.

Intuitive to use.

Infotools Easy To Use

Infotools Harmoni is delightfully easy to use and you will love how quickly you can process research data to deliver actionable insights.

Working with my data is a lot of fun with Infotools Harmoni!

Coco Seney, Consultant
Capre Group

Less data crunching, more insights.

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Focus on getting the right insights to the right people at the right time. Data crunching is a breeze (and easy on the eye) using Infotools Harmoni, giving you more time for finding the valuable insights in your data. 

Refresh and share as often as you like.

Infotools PowerPoint Sharable

Infotools Harmoni makes it easy to add new data, update results and share with your team on the fly. Yes, it's that simple. 

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